You don’t become the People’s Champion by half-working your way through anything.


He didn’t end up looking like The Rock, but that wasn’t his goal in the first place.

And really, there’s only one People’s Champion. And expecting to look like him after a month would be unrealistic at best.


In his late 30s, Mark Webster was starting to feel the effects of age and had a young daughter he was trying to set a good example for.

When he found himself at 6’3″ and 251 pounds, he decided to make a change. He shaped up his diet and started working out, and for a time, that was enough. But the routine started to get to him, and he looked for a way to shake things up.


One day, Mark saw that The Rock had published his demanding workout regimen in a popular fitness magazine.

And while he acknowledged that he didn’t have The Rock’s resources or natural gifts, Mark also noted that The Rock had to have commitment and dedication — and that he could try to match.

So how did his month on The Rock’s plan go?





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