Bodybuilders are usually between the heights of five feet six inches to six feet tall. It’s no surprise as the average height for nearly every male across the globe falls between these two numbers. Still, you’ll find it common to see bodybuilders that stand just a few inches above five feet six inches. The stocky solid look is something we commonly see on the pro stage in both the open weight and 212 division. What you’re less likely to see are bodybuilders above six feet tall, especially bodybuilders with massive and balanced physiques. That’s not to say they don’t exist, however. Aaron Reed is a perfect example of a bodybuilder far above six feet tall who has an imposing physical frame.

Aaron Reed is known as one of the tallest bodybuilders in the world. Standing 6’7″ tall and weighing in at 305 lbs, Aaron Reed is indeed a beast of a man. While many bodybuilders that extremely tend to have a harder time with building up their legs, Reed has managed to cultivate an impressive physique, wheels and all.

Transformation 29 at (250lbs) To 35 (305lbs)



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Making a transformation like this (29 at 250 To 35 305) is great but what is most impressive is I stayed lean the entire time. Fact: if you do not eat your carbs at the right time or the right kind you will DULL your insulin sensitivity. When that happens you store more fat. And your pumps aren’t as good as they could be. But trust me, there is a lot more. I don’t care what drugs you take you can’t stay shredded without eating right. There is no miracle pill. If there was you would be taking it. If you want to learn the best way to eat and maintain it for years you HAVE TO LEARN how to eat. Again, my book The SuperNatural Lifestyle has been my FOUNDATION for my success. It’s the only thing that has not changed in almost 8 yrs!! Gotta make them GAINS son!! #transformation #motivation #grind #mass #muscle #shredded ##instagood #bodybuilding #beautiful #happy #me #i #tall #follow #selfie #picoftheday #friends #instadaily #fun #superleague #pro #superhuman #eatlikeaaron #supernaturallifestyle #onemealatatime #trainlikeaaron #reedthis #aaronreed #tall #GottamakethemGAINSson

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The kind of diligence and patience required to be able to build up such a physique being so tall is truly a testament to Reed’s drive and determination.

Check out the following video to see how impressive Aaron Reed’s physique is.


And if you are thinking how exactly does a bodybuilder the size of Aaron Reed train when he hits the gym? Apparently like an absolute beast. Check out the following training video of him with Rich Piana showcasing some savage training.


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