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Carlito XXXL is a part of the new generation of bodybuilder, who hops on Instagram and grinds out their own following. He has a legion of follwoers who are constantly waiting for his new updates, to witness the human body being pushed to it’s limits on a daily basis. If you haven’t heard of him before, it’s okay, he’s still relatively new on the scene… But if you don’t know, now you know:

carlito xxxl 2

Obviously, there’s some image editing going on here, but still – give most guys all the filters in the world and they still won’t look anywhere close to this vascular.

carlito xxxl 3


He’s the NPC Bodybuilding Overall Champion and Light Heavyweight champion.

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This Swedish beast’s real name is Karl Anderson, but he goes by Carlito XXXL. He manages to pack on mass while still looking completely shredded at such a huge size.

carlito xxxl 6

He would never even DREAM of skipping leg day.

He’s giving some of the legends a run for their money, and if he keeps this up, the sky’s the limit. We have a feeling you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more of this guy from now on, it’s inevitable. He’s starting to get more coverage, and it’s only a matter of time until all the pieces fall into place and he becomes one of the top names in the game, then you can be all smug about it to your buddies like

“Oh yeah, I remember when that guy was featured in Liftn last year