types of pull ups

Give Yourself A Treat By Adopting These Types of Pull Ups

While working out to build a bigger body, you need to focus on your shoulders, chest, and as the most. You can do these best pull-ups exercises at home or anywhere. All you will need is a bar. Its excellent effects will make this exercise your favorite in no time. The best part is the large number of variations that it has. You do not have to stick to the traditional style. Try types of Pull Ups according to your mood. Some of the variations are easy while some are very hard. You will have to practice for a few days to do the hard ones. If you like challenges then you will surely love these different types of pull ups.

Types of Pull Ups – Let The Challenge Begin

1. Negative Pull-Up

Negative Pull-Up

They are mostly done to develop strength. To do the exercise you need to grab the bar and pull your body upward into a fast motion. Then bring your body downwards in a very slow motion. Hang in the dead hang position before going for another repetition. Do the movement slowly engaging all the muscles that you can. Take the help of a bench or a partner to do the exercise if you are unable to lift your body.

2. Kipping Pull-Up

Kipping Pull-Up

In a kipping pullup, you will use leg swing either in a slow or a fast movement to help your body in moving upward. To do the exercise, grab a bar and swing your legs forward. Taking the advantage of the swing, lift your upper body to do the pull-up. Bring your body down and repeat the process for an appropriate number of repetitions.

3. Close-Grip Pull-Up

Close Grip Pull-Up

Close-grip pull-up basically focuses on lower lats of your body. To do the exercise you need to grasp the bar by allowing very less space between both hands. You need to pull your body upwards until your chest touches your hand. After that bring your body downwards to the initial position. Doing this pullup exercise is quite hard. You will be able to do it only after constant practice.

4. Wide Grip Pullup

Wide Grip Pullup

Wide grip pullup is another type of pull ups which focuses on the lats. Grasp the bar. Keep a distance of more than your shoulders between your hands. Lift your body upwards until your chest touches the bar.bring your body downwards to the initial position. Do not arc or bend your body. Maintain the proper form.

5. Classic Pull-Up

Classic Pull-Up

Classic pull-up is the traditional pull-up. To do the pull-up exercise, you need to grasp the bar with more than shoulder-width distance between your hands. Lift your body upwards and then bring it downwards. Maintain the proper form and do not swing your body.

6. Tarzan Pull-Up

Tarzan Pull-Up

To do this exercise, you need to hold the bar in the middle with both hands. You will face the wall or the support on which the bar is placed. Move your body upwards to the left side and then bring it downwards. Then lift your body upwards to the right side and bring it downwards. The bar will act as the partition and you will move your body to the other sides. It helps in developing core strength. You can also use a handle for doing this pull-up exercise.

7. Side-To-Side Pull-Up

Side-To-Side Pull-Up

Side-to-side pull-up exercise is just as its name suggests. Grasp the bar with both your hands while maintaining more than shoulder width distance between both hands. Lift your body upwards at first to the left side. Bring your body downwards and then lift it again to the right side. You need to focus on your muscles that are getting worked up while doing this exercise.

8. Pull-Up With Leg Raise

Pull-Up With Leg-Raise

Pull-up with leg raise exercise is more or less like the traditional pullup that you do. The only difference is that while lifting your body upwards, you will lift your legs also straight till they are in a parallel position with the ground. Along with getting your upper body worked up, it will tone your lower body also.

9. Weighted Pull-Up

Weighted Pull-Up

Getting tired with the normal pullup is quite common. Adding weights is a great variation. It will give a new target to your muscles. Wear weights around your waist and then do the traditional pullup. The weights in itself will be a good type of pull-ups for the muscles.

10. Towel Grip Pull-Up

Towel Grip Pull-Up
Austin Fit Magazine

Towel grip pull-up variation requires the help of towels. Wrap the towel around the bar at shoulder width distance. Grab the ends of the towel and perform the pullup. Lift your body upwards and then lower it downwards. It can be a bit tricky. Do the pull-up exercise carefully and make sure that the towel is strong enough to hold your weight.

11. Single Arm Pullup

Single Arm Pullup
T Nation

Single arm pullup is another challenging variation. It is quite easy to do the pullup with both hands but doing the pullup with one hand is difficult. Hold the bar with one hand and try to lift your body upwards. Slowly bring your body downwards. You can do an equal number of repetitions with both hands.

12. Behind-The-Neck

Behind The Neck Pull-up

To do this exercise, you need to grab the bar and lift your body upwards. The tricky part is that instead of touching your chest, the bar will touch the back of your neck when you will lift your body upwards. Try to maintain the proper form while doing this exercise.

13. Gorilla Pullup

Gorilla Pullup
Gorilla Gym

Grab the bar with both hands. Move your body upwards just like you would do in any normal pull-up. While moving your body upwards, you will have to bring your knee also upwards up to your chest. Lower down your legs slowly while you move your body downwards. It is also a quite challenging one among the pull-up variations.

Try these pull-up variations and make your workout routine interesting. Give your muscles new targets while you get your upper body all worked up.