Rich Piana is the type of guy who will do whatever it takes to put on muscle, including his now-famous bulking plan. They told him it couldn’t be done. They laughed at him. They called him a Piano…

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But goddamnit, he did it! Rich Piana is calling it quits after packing on about 38lbs of muscle in just 9 weeks. Officially, he said he weighed 314lbs after the 9 week bulk… But let’s be serious, does anyone really believe he didn’t push it a little further after posting that? Just to see what he’d look like? Of course he did.

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“I have to be honest and say I am miserable at this size and definitely not wanting to continue putting size on! I know I have more than proven my point of how easy it really is to be successful in life at whatever you choose.” – Rich Piana


“Looking at this pic it’s very clear to me that I have surpassed what I would call an incredibly insane awesome bodybuilding physique!” – Rich Piana

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He said he could have went to 400 if he wanted, but he felt miserable above 300lbs so 400 would have probabally felt like hell.

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He’s not shy to talk about his steroid use, but let’s be real – it takes a lot more than some juice to look like this. The guy put in work, there’s no denying it. Say what you want, but how many people out there really have the dedication to go for exactly what they want, no matter the cost? Not sure if this makes him a folk hero or a tragic hero, but none the less… the man knows what he wants…




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