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The sacrifice required for individuals to get in shape is enormous. For that reason alone bodybuilders have an extreme hatred for those who use unnatural substances to enhance their bodies.

Anyone who utilizes synthol is in fact treated like a leper and why not? The process is simply done to create some kind of illusion that the user is bigger and more defined than they actually are. The reality is that it’s not a true representation of that individual and for many fans that screams of deceit. In an industry where so many things are kept secret, fans want to know what they’re getting. When individuals use synthol it ultimately means that what onlookers are seeing is a lie.

There are tons of people who have been accused of utilizing synthol, many of them popular figures in the fitness and bodybuilding world. Rich Piana is one individual who is constantly accused of using this controversial oil. Now it seems that there could be some evidence to support the idea that Piana has indeed used synthol and even goes in depth about how it can be used “properly” in order to look your best on stage.

But it appears that there’s another substance out there that is being utilized even more than synthol. Piana is going on the record to talk about this new substance that competitors and average gym rats are using to create the illusion of muscle.

What’s your thoughts on Rich Piana and synthol?