EQUIBAL 300 (3 Months cycle)


Equibal 300 : 10 Ml bottle
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Equibal 300 | 10 ml bottle X3

Pros go for the best

Equibal 300 is reportedly perfect for gaining and maintaining quality muscle mass. It is thought to have stronger affinity for androgenic receptors (AR) than testosterone. Equibal is also thought to burn the body fat – it is considered one of the best pre-contest substances. Equibal cycles must be long (about 12 weeks), otherwise the results can be disappointing. It is clearly one of the most popular anabolic substances for cutting cycles.

Lean muscle mass

Equibal 300 offers the ideal combination of very lean and long-lasting muscle mass gains plus practically zero complications/side effects. In this respect it is the best of Nutribal Liquid supplements.


Most muscle growth comes in the final weeks of the cycle. We presume this may be the result of active substances accumulating in the body. This pattern has been observed by most users, as well as in tests of Nutribal Liquid products.


Some individuals respond more and others less to xenoandrogens. It seems that some people with history of anabolic steroid use are less sensitive to Nutribal Liquid supplements.


When used on its own (no combination with other Nutribal Liquid products), 3ml/week are sufficient for a 200lb (90kg) man. If another oil-based product is used along with Equibal 300, the dosage should be lowered to 2 ml/week. Overdosing can lead to health problems! Do not use longer than 12 weeks. Stay clean of Equibal 300 /other Nutribal Liquid supplements for a period of at least 1 month after the cycle.


Equibal 300 can be combined with most Nutribal Liquid supplements for better results. Typical stacks involve Decabal 200 and Cypiobal 250. Do not combine more than three Nutribal Liquid supplements in one stack!