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Heinz Werner is a 72-year-old German sensation, a multiple German Champion, and Vice-Champion in bodybuilding and Bench Press.

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In his youth, Bongard began wrestling and boxing; during his military service in the 1960s his new found passion for weightlifting flourished!

He is a skilled baker and worked until his retirement as a chief driver in the transportation of heavy goods for many years right up until his retirement! He is married and has two daughters.



A physical Injury of the Musculoskeletal System drove him towards the weights. He started with special strength training and turned to lifting weights in an attempt to rehabilitate himself back to health!


He is managed to maintain an impressive muscular frame of 160lb at 1.75 meters tall (5’7″), despite getting older!


He won the German Seniors Championship at the age of 61, with his passing age, his passion for the weights got stronger and stronger.

Heinz is seen as a spectacle by many, in the fact that he just seems to defy many laws of aging!