This time, we won’t tell you that juicing folks get bigger and stronger, faster than those lifters who enjoy slow and steady gains. It’s your choice, and we respect it.


Yet, if you have been lifting for a long time, perhaps you have memories when a steroid-user or a natural lifter made fun of you and told what you should do. Let’s be honest, they are annoying and waste your time.

Wouldn’t it be great if natural bodybuilders and juicers would understand more about one another and wouldn’t judge each other? If so, you’re in the right place because you’ll find the top things that two groups of bodybuilders hate to hear. So, it’s better to know these things so that you don’t accidentally hurt them.

Things Steroid-Using Bodybuilders Hate to Hear:

1. You Cheat!


Some natural bodybuilders believe that if you use steroids, everything becomes simple; making gains takes no time, and you get instant results. It’s a lie. If you use steroids, often you need to work even more because to achieve more. One has to train harder, longer, and more often. If not, steroids give less visible gains.

2. It Takes no Time


Yes, when bodybuilders use steroids, they do get stronger and bigger in less time, but it still requires years of training to become as big as Mr. Olympia champions. Furthermore, quick results require spending more time in a gym and that leaves fewer free hours in a week.


Also, to train more, you need to eat more so cooking and eating shortens roid-users days even more. But it’s only part of the problem. Eating more food and buying steroids means that you need to get more money and most often it means working more to get enough cash.

Simply put, using steroids achieve faster gains at the expense of more hours spent daily, so to hear that “it takes no time” is one of the most irritating things juicers can hear.

3. You’re Sick


Perhaps the most annoying thing to hear for roid-user is that they are sick and will die prematurely. Yes, there are bodybuilders who died because of abusing steroids, but most often, they stay healthy, strong, and live long lives.

The key is to know how much steroids you need and to cycle them properly to avoid health problems. More, if a bodybuilder who uses steroids starts to experience health issues, he can stop using them and most often these problems fade away.

4. You Can’t Control Yourself

While steroids makes changes to your body, it doesn’t mean that steroids have an influence on how the body works. It’s because there are no scientific researches that could prove that self-control problems occur, so it’s only a claim.

People often change when they feel that they have improved. After all, who doesn’t enjoy great gains? But sometimes it goes too far and bragging about big gains aren’t interesting to other people anymore. Yet, most often steroid-using folks can control themselves.

For instance, Rich Piana started to use steroids when he was 18 years old and experienced no self-control problems. Rather, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others who are thinking about using juice.


Things Natural Bodybuilders Hate to Hear:

1. You’re Weak


While it’s a fact that bigger muscles give more strength, it doesn’t mean that a small person is weak. Think about Bruce Lee, who was one of the best martial artists in the world. While he wasn’t a bodybuilder and weighed only about 130 pounds, he proved that small folks, who master their bodies, can become as dangerous as mountains of muscle.

After all, even now there are only a few people who can repeat his mind-blowing feats. So, while big muscles are helpful to lift more weight, this isn’t the only way to becoming stronger. By training hard, a person can get much stronger without increasing his bodyweight.

2. You Improve Too Slowly


Yes, it’s true that almost all natural lifters develop at a slower pace than roid-users, but it doesn’t mean natural bodybuilders don’t improve at all. We are not sure how big and strong the human body can get, but time and time again, we see how people are capable of defeating once impossible challenges.

Now, we have many folks who run faster than those of a 100 years ago, and lots of people who climbed Everest, the mountain with the highest peak in the world. It’s great to know that we get better and better so fast, and it only proves that people can naturally go as far as they wish.



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