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Adonis Hill, a sports coach for 35 years, wanted to set an example for his client to lose weight. His story went around the world.

Adonis hill transformation

Adonis Hill tolerates no excuse. His story is doing around the world. To motivate his overweight client and show the example, the trainer of 35 years voluntarily took 30 kilos.

For three months, Adonis Hill has consumed more than 7,000 calories a day to grow 30 kilos. He quit his physical activities and daily menu consisted of donuts, pizzas and burgers. His photos speak for themselves, as revealed in the Sun.


New challenge
In four months Adonis Hill and Alyssa managed to lose 26 kilos together. Since then, the American coach has regained its former life: waking at 4:45, balanced breakfast, protein, jogging and weight training sessions (5-6 times per week).

Adonis Hill has a new challenge: to walk from New York to California, or go 4,500 kilometers on foot in 210 days