10 Reasons Why The Most Alpha & Successful Bodybuilders Don’t Have Girlfriends

1.Girlfriends steal time

It doesn’t matter if she supports your bodybuilding journey at some point in your relationship there will be a time that she will steal your time so you miss a meal or a workout. That does not happen for the most alpha bodybuilders out there because there is no girlfriend there to steal their time.

2.More information

While bodybuilders in a committed relationship are cuddling and watching netflix with their girlfriend, the alpha bodybuilders are reading/watching self improvement stuff and getting information to take their physique to the next level.

3.More girls=More experience

While bodybuilders in a committed relationship have to acknowledge the fact that they can only sleep with one woman for the rest of their lifes, Â the alpha bodybuilders are out there sleeping with a new girl every week. By sleeping with more girls comes more experience and by gaining this experience they become better at social skills and also in bed.

4.Money stays in the pocket

Bodybuilders in a committed relationship have to make sure to keep their girlfriends satisfied at all times otherwise she might deprive them from sex. So they have to be constantly on the lookout to give them expensive birthday presents and just in general pay for her most of the time. While alpha single bodybuilders keep that cash in their pocket and can spend it on better foods, supplements or new gym gear.


5. Alpha Bodybuilders don’t settle for average

You can tell right away if someone is alpha and is not going to settle for an average girl, because if he is he is probably good looking, with a great personality, social skills and has probably been single for a long time. If a alpha good looking bodybuilder that gets many girls has been single for a long time you can assume that he knows he will be more successful and live a better life if he stays single.

6. More motivation to look good

Bodybuilders in a committed relationship sometimes forget to take care of themselves, don’t go to the hairdresser, gain a few “bulking” pounds, wear old worn out clothes and just don’t care as much about their appearance because they know their boring girlfriends love them for who they are and do not care about their looks. Alpha single bodybuilders need to be constantly on top of their game in every aspect of their appearance, alpha guys will constantly want to attract new 10/10 looking in their lives and a good appearance is definitely a must.

7. Depression vs happy

Many beta bodybuilders in a relationship once were alpha guys that got many girls easily, but after they got into a relationship they changed their ways and slowly became beta. If they can still remember the good old alpha days when they were getting gains and girls on a weekly basis they might become very depressed to realize how their life turned out to be like.

8. Slave vs Being Free

Bodybuilders in a committed relationship sometimes become “slaves” in way as they cannot allow themselves the same freedom as alpha single bodybuilders. If the lifting crew is going to an unexpected deadlift session often times the beta relationship bodybuilder has already made plans with his boring girlfriend and can’t join in on the workout.

9. More Testosterone + Muscle

It has been proven that alpha bodybuilders who live a more wild and exciting lifestyle naturally produce more testosterone than the boring bodybuilders who stay at home watching netflix with their girlfriend every night. As we all know with more testosterone come more muscle so by being single and living an exciting lifestyle you are naturally producing more testosterone and therefore getting better results than the beta committed reltionship guy.

10. Less stress

Many bodybuilders in a committed relationship are stressed out because their girlfriend might be a slut, bitch and always giving them shit. But when you are an alpha single bodybuilder you don’t even have to think about this stress that can ruin your life.



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