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Real or fake?

In this day and age fans of bodybuilding are quick to call shenanigans on anyone who claims that their natural. So many people have come to conclusions about the credibility of bodybuilders to the point that most if not all fans believe that these men and women all take gear at the professional level of the sport. With so many different features and interviews coming to light about how the pros took tons of different anabolic substances to get to their highest levels, it’s easy to understand how fans could believe that all pro bodybuilders are taking something to give them an edge. But it appears that Men’s Physique competitor Jeff Seid is making a point to let the masses know that not all pros are on gear.

In a Recent Instagram posting, Jeff Seid has made it clear to his fans and detractors that taking steroids is something that simply isn’t in his vocabulary. Though many would still love to claim that the Men’s Physique competitor is simply trying to save face, the truth of the matter is

that we can’t know for sure whether he’s telling the truth or not. But nevertheless, the fact that Jeff Seid is so adamant about the whole situation, you have to wonder if he’s truly sincere about his claims. Take a look at the Instagram posting below to get a glimpse of what is on the mind of Jeff Seid.


Do you think Jeff Seid is natural?

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